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Hailing from the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, DJ6 is a band whose music is the complete opposite of the place they’re from. Sounding cold, complex, intimate and sophisticated, their songs are influenced by the likes of Portishead, Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps and Radiohead, and yet maintaining an originality of its own.

The band started out when Bruno Correia, a popular rock dj from Rio, decided he wanted a second shot with a band. Having played an eletro-punk-extravaganza performance on a college festival with his close friend Bruno Fiuza, Correia decided they should form a new group, with a different outtake from the former. He then invited female vocalist Julia Vaz, who used to sing for pop rock bands and was incresingly interested in indie/art rock music.

Admittedly not a great guitarrist, Bruno Correia decided to pick the bass guitar, leaving the lead guitar to felipe fortes (aka starphaser), guitarrist and vocalist of many underground alternative bands such as lírio branco and The Crunch. Fortes added subtle guitar textures to the band, also commiting himself as a backing vocalist and producer. Fiuza friendly parted ways with the band at the end of 2006, and Fred Mendes, long-time friend of Fortes and drummer of Columbia, took his place.

DJ6 is a band whose influences are not exactly how they sound like, since their originality surpasses any kind of genre or style. Singing in portuguese, english and french, they also assume the position of an international band, even if Rio de Janeiro’s roots are in them - the main proof of that is that the name of the band delivers from Dom João the Sixth, king of Portugal who came to Brazil when Napoleon conquered the country. Dom João the Sixth is father’s to Brazil first emperor, Dom Pedro the first.


released March 31, 2007

by DJ6

Mágoa que Segui
Feels Like Home
My Bed
Pequena Morte

Mágoa que Segui written by Julia Vaz.
Unfolded/Burst written by Julia Vaz and Felipe Fortes.
Feels Like Home written by Felipe Fortes.
My Bed written by Felipe Fortes.
Pequena Morte written by Julia Vaz, Felipe Fortes and Bruno Correia.
All songs performed by DJ6.

DJ6 is Julia Vaz, Felipe Fortes, Bruno Correia and Fred Mendes.

Produced by Felipe Fortes and Bruno Salgado
Recorded at Drop D Studios between oct/2006 and jan/2007
Art by Julia Vaz

Reissued in 2008 by Midsummer Madness label -




DJ6 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Track Name: Mágoa que Segui
Sem deixar cair
O que te dei pra cuidar
Sem deixar o peso te distrair

Sem te deixar, caí.
Mesmo com força pra me segurar
Com medo de me despedir

Me traz de volta o que te dei
Dizendo que não pode cuidar
E que sabe bem melhor mentir

E que sabe bem melhor medir
A vida útil do que sobra

Que o que sobra é só
Não precisa da sua mão
Track Name: Unfolded/Burst
Upside down and backwards
Second chance of being lost

Upside down and backwards
Second chance of being lost

Come after me
Are you coming?

This was meant to happen
Drown in my eyes
Sleep in my arms

Sleep, little honey

Come after me
Will you follow?

Upside down and backwards
Second chance of being lost inside you
Track Name: Feels Like Home
Late at night, you're still sleeping
And I can't seem to let go
Of your dreams - you stared at me
Like a tired and hungry ghost

And I can't stand
What you used to do to me
The black chill you made me feel
Last time

So it's cum back
And return where you belong
Stab yourself in someone else's mind

If you're dreaming, let me know, please
I can't stand having you
Haunting me in every corner
If there I represent your fears
Track Name: My Bed
My bed is broken
And i don't know if i can fix it

My lens are open
And i don't see how to predict

My bed is broken
And don't know if i can fix it

My lens are open
And i see i can't predict

And i can't go
Without you, you know
I can't blame myself
For being so swell

Everything will be allright
Everything will be just fine
Track Name: Pequena Morte
Alego insanidade momentânea
Hoje e amanhã, por precaução
Antes que você olhe pra outro lado

Você viu aquelas coisas todas
Passando na janela do carro
E eu te obriguei a segurar o volante

Podei-te os braços e as pernas
Querendo poder substituí-los
Pelos meus membros desajustados

Todas as desculpas não serão sinceras